Name Scavenger
Kanji スカベンジャー
Romanji Sukabenjā
Race Frankenstein
Gender Male
Manga Debut Chapter 12

The 3rd of Dr. Richters 8 specialized Frankensteins Known as "The Ultimate Eight" . He currently is the guard for the headquarters of Blitz Guruda, and eats any intruders.


With his specialization is an enhanced digestive system, Scavenger is able to force his stomach out of his body, and use it as an extension of himself. It takes the form of a massive worm like beast, with many teeth and a heaving body of powerful flesh. His stomach seems to be able to fly with bat-like wings which he once use to leave England along with Tigerlily and Lord Corpse.


Scavenger does not speak much, as using his abilities makes him unable to speak. He seems to always be hungry.

Quote Edit

"I'm Hungry"